Get to know Amovens

Need a ride to that out-of-town concert? Driving to an away game and looking for someone to split the cost of gas, tolls, and parking? Just need to find a carpool for your daily commute? Amovens has you covered!

Amovens is a free service that makes carpooling fun, cheap and easy, whether you’re looking for travelling companions for your daily commute or for a longer road trip. It’s a great way for drivers to offset the cost of travel, or even make a few bucks on the side. Meanwhile, passengers get a cheap ride at a price that’s usually much lower than other modes of transportation.

So whether you’re looking to make some easy money by taking on a passenger or just looking for cheap transportation to the airport, Amovens is a great way to cut your transportation costs.

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Why Amovens?

The Amovens platform provides you with the upmost security and confidence to share rides, thanks to the tools which invite users to make the platform more secure, such as the internal messaging system, license plate registration and user's mobile phone number.

How does it work?

Amovens works like any other travel reservation website. But instead of helping you reserve an airline ticket, Amovens lets you reserve a seat in someone else’s car. Tell us where you want to go and when, and Amovens will match you with other members of the Amovens community. You can post a ride with a broad destination (“Travelling to Boston from New York”) for long road trips. Find carpool partners for your daily commute by listing the address of your destination.

Amovens lets you “sell” unoccupied seats in your car to registered members of the Amovens community. We’re a bit like eBay or Airbnb. Just post your ride to our site with the price you’re willing to sell your spare seats for, and other Amovens members will be able to view and bid to join your ride. If you’re a passenger looking a ride, search our database for other carpoolers in your area and see how much seats are selling for, or post your own ride as a passenger.

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